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Work in progress

Partners' Institution:
Project's period (from/to):
01 October 2009 - 31 October 2011
WPs concerned:
WP 3 - Delivery of Courses

Objectives of activities carried out:
Organisation of courses introducing the platform to learners.
Gathering experiences of distance learning, evaluation of e-learning / teaching websites from participants to be uploaded on the LeTS GO Portal.
Developing an online course.
Experimenting online tools with students.

Description of activities carried out:
The work package is divided in 5 sub work packages:

-Work Package 3.1, Course 0 "Introduction to e-learning"
-Work Package 3.2, Course 1 "Research and Evaluation of e-learning
based materials for language teaching and learning"
-Work Package 3.3, Course 2 "Effective Use of e-learning based
materials for language teaching and learning"
-Work Package 3.4, Course 3 "Planning and Creation of e-learning based
materials for language teaching and learning"
-Work Package 3.5, Practical experimentation with students

Motivating student to take part in the course.
Developing a collaborative working atmosphere on the moodle course.
Information material was sent to course participants via email, questions resulting from these emails were responded too, Doodle questionaires were sent out to fix dates for virtual meetings.

In order to carry out the activities related to course 0 - 3,
the trainers participated in 11 video conferences.
These conferences served to exchange experiences about working on the platform, problems encountered and suggesting ideas what and how to implement e-learning in their organisations.
The meetings were also used to explain the structures of the Portal and its modules and units.
Reflection phases about traineeĀ“s experiences and opinions on the course and materials were always included at the end of the sessions.

Certificates were translated and issues.

Experiences were presented and uploaded to the Portal
Evaluations of websites were presented and uploaded
Three parties developed different materials:
-for a school project one trainee of a vocational school set up a website with learning materials in English for autonomous learning for the levels B1 and B2
-activities on Hot Potatoes, web quests and other tools were used by a group of English teachers in their classrooms
-a French module with four units was developed "Ein Brief aus Paris."

Handing out certificates to successful trainees.

Evaluation of the work undertaken:
Time was a continuous problem as it was difficult to get all participants actively taking part in the virtual meetings.
It was a disadvantage that there was no face to face meeting.
Another issue was that participants dropped in late and therefore had different levels of knowledge at the virtual meetings.
Participants reported problems with the evaluation questionaires after each session of the learning packages on the portal. As there was no feedback of correct answers and the construction of questionaires was not clear more responses were possible than foreseen.
In the view of the participants the questionaires did not reflect the learning process.
However the actual involvement in collaborative course productions was very motivating and triggered engagement.

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