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Work in progress

Partners' Institution:
ISIS Leonardo da Vinci
Project's period (from/to):
20 January 2010 - 31 October 2011
WPs concerned:
WP 6 - Dissemination

Objectives of activities carried out:
The principal aims of dissemination are:
- Give teachers,and other operators information about the expected results of the project
- Involve teachers in the project
- Enhance the practical and innovative aspect of the project

Description of activities carried out:
The High School "Leonardo da Vinci"has carried out the dissemination in internal/external informative meetings, seminars, training seminars, emails,articles on website, information on social networks,conferences

-29/10/2010 Cambridge Days Seminars, University of Florence,
-4/2/2010Teaching though Podcast, at Scuola Città Pestalozzi, Florence, training seminar
-School Open Day at the premises of Leonardo da Vinci, 27/0272010
-02/03/2010Informative meeting with teachers from other schools, at "Leonardo da Vinci",
-18/03/2010Informative meeting with teachers from "Leonardo da Vinci", at the premises of the school,
-12/04/2010Visit to Circolo 1 Sesto Fiorentino, Florence, informative meeting,
-16/04/2010Visit to IC Gandhi, Primary School Duca D'Aosta,Florence, informative meeting,
-12 May 2010:I have posted the project LeTS GO on my school blog: Easy English
-19 May 2010:Conference, TechArt, Technology and Art at School Multi-lateral Comenius School partnership Lifelong learning Programme
-10 June 2010:Liceo Scientifico Castelnuovo-Florence, Italy, informative meeting
-02 July 2010, Istituto Comprensivo Centro Storico Florence-Italy, informative meeting
-09 September 2010,Isis Leonardo da Vinci. Florence, Italy:Conference
-14 September 2010, High School "Liceo Pascoli" in Florence. Informative meeting
-23 September 2010,Istituto Tecnico Statale Turismo, Florence-Italy, informative meeting
-24 September 2010, Rappresentanza Europea della Commissione Europea,Rome, Italy,National meeting,Label Award
-30 September 2010-30 September 2010.Informative meeting, I.C. Bagno a Ripoli, Florence-Italy.
-26 October 2010, annual national meeting of the Italian Lifelong Learning Programme In Florence(IT)
-09 November 2010 - 11 November 2010,nternational meeting of the Comenius Project "Hydrogen Home"in the Magna Aula of the ISIS Leonardo da Vinci(IT), Florence
-10 November 2010 - 23 November 2010,Informative Mailing,Association for children called "Children's Joy, Our Joy" Association,Romania,Request of Joining the LeTSGO project as an Associated Partner
-10 November 2010 - 29 December 2010,Informative Mailing, University of Warsaw-Centre for foreign language teaching,Request of Joining the LeTSGO project as an Associated Partner
-11 November 2010 - 12 November 2010, Conference,ICT for Language Learning” international conference, Florence
- 22 November 2010,Informative Mailing,Request of Joining the LeTSGO project as an Associated Partner Addressee Anouk Gelan, Turkey
-02 December 2010 ,Informative Mailing,Information and dissemination about the LeTSG project. Request of possible membership as an Associated Partne, Antoinette Dapples Dünner Switzerland -Swiss
Institution participating the 3rd International conference ICI for Language Learning, 11-12 November 2010
-04 December 2010, Conference raining project DISCO,Florence
-15 December 2010,National Award of the Quality Label for the best National Comenius Project,Florence Italy
-20 January 2011 ,Information about the LeTSGO project on my personal Facebook profile.
-22 January 2011, Conference,Open Day of the ISIS Leonardo da Vinci, Florence - Italy
-07 February 2011 ,Informative Mailing, nformation about the LetSGO project and request of partnership as an Associated Partner. Link of the project,Hatay Iskenderun Rotary Trade High School in TURKEY
-15 February 2011, Training Seminar,Cambridge Days- Siena-Italy Seminar for English teachers Topics: Teaching CLIL or Teaching Language, or Both?What's the Way Forward When You Teach Teens?
-25 March 2011 Informative Mailing, Experimentation Institution for foreign languages in Greece, nfo about the LeTSGO project, a link to the project, a request of membership
-08 April 2011, Informative Mailing, Request for Associated Membership, Teacher
-14 April 2011, Link of the LeTS portal on ISIS'website
-29 April 2011, The information of the LeTS portal and its link can be found on ISIS's Facebook
-30 May 2011 , Conference, At the premises of SMS Rifredi in Florence, during the presentation of the book"Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, by Amy Chua", Florence, Italy
-28 September 2011,Transnational Meeting, Comenius project about H2OHome,Gymnazium J.K. Tyla, Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic
-17 October, article on IC Gandhi’s website,
-20 October 2011 - 21 October 2011,“ICT for Language Learning” international conference, Florence, Itlay

-We participated in two international seminar adressed to Eglish teachers where the was the general outline of the project aims and contents
-the project has been disseminated in several formal/informal national events, training seminars, emails,articles on website, information on social networks,conferences
-37 disseminations have been done
-New schools and partners have joined the project.

Evaluation of the work undertaken:
The scheduled deadline for the dissemination of the project has been succesfully respected.

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