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Work in progress

Partners' Institution:
Project's period (from/to):
01 October 2009 - 31 October 2011
WPs concerned:
WP 6 - Dissemination

Objectives of activities carried out:
The main aims of the dissemination activities are:
- Inform the potential users about the project results
- Make the project results available, accessible and usable to the potential users who are not directly involved in the project
- Improve the visibility and impact of the project

Pixel is in charge of transnational coordination of the activity and creation of tools and formats for the carrying out of the activities of this WP

Description of activities carried out:
Pixel has developed a diseemination plan divided in the following phases:
1) Identification of the dissemination objectives
2) Identification of the contents for dissemination
3) Identification of dissemination actions
4) Identification of the target groups of the dissemination activities
5) Production of relevant tools for the dissemination
6) Identification of the actions to be put into act for the dissemination

The following forms have been developed:
- WP6.1 Dissemination Report Form
- WP6.2 Dissemination Report Guidelines
- WP6.3 Dissemination form for the Interim and final Report
- WP6.4 Guidelines for the organisation of the final conference

The project web site has been developed.

The project brochure has been developed and are available for all the partners.

Several dissemination events have been carried out and uploaded in the dissemination section of the web site.

The first international conference on Language Learning has been organised in November 2010.

Evaluation of the work undertaken:
The sheduled timeline of the Work Package has been respected

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