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Work in progress

Partners' Institution:
Project's period (from/to):
01 January 2010 - 31 October 2011
WPs concerned:
WP 6 - Dissemination

Objectives of activities carried out:
The main objective of the activities carried out by EuroEd Foundation in WP6 were aimed to ensure an efficient and wide dissemination of information about the project towards the relevant target groups.

Description of activities carried out:
The dissemination activity consisted of three distinct types of actions:
a. formal presentations of the project at international conferences;
b. informal presentation of the project at national and international events;
c. writing and publication of articles where the project is promoted.

More specifically, the dissemination activities carried out during the time span covered by the current report were:
a. formal presentations of the project at the following international conferences:
- the 3rd International Conference of FEAA: Higher Education Between Tradition And Innovation (organised between 17 – 18 april 2004 by the “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iasi, in Iasi);
- National Conference for Students of English Studies at the University of Suceava – CONSENSUS (organised between 22 – 24 April 2010 by “Stefan cel Mare” University of Suceava, in Suceava)

b. informal presentation of the project at national and international events:
- kick-off meeting of the In-CLASS project (LdV-ToI project), held in Bath, Uk, between 21 – 24 January 2010;
- kick-off meeting of the [email protected] project (LLP-KA2 project), held in London, Uk, between 25 – 28 January 2010);
- Comenius preparatory visit, held in Cork, Ireland, between 27 – 29 January 2010;
- Project meeting of LaProf project (LLP-KA2 project), held in Athens, Greece, between 2 – 5 February 2010;
- Planning meeting organised by the British Council in Berlin, Germany, between 8 – 11 February 2010;
- Project meeting of the Art Common Language projects (Grundtvig Partnership), held in Volos, Greece, between 23 – 26 February 2010;
- QUEST Romania Annual Meeting, held in Iasi, Romania, between 26 – 28 February 2010;
- The Third International Conference on Adult Education, held in Timisoara, Romania, between 19 – 21 March 2010;

03-06.05.2010 (formal presentation of EuroEd projects including Lets Go); National Conference "Together - NGO Forum Romania - Moldova " at Iasi, RO.

23.05.2010(formal presentation) National Symposium Criza Valorilor Si Valorile Crizei In Languages and Modern Literatures, Iasi, RO

27 - 28.05.2010 (formal presentation) National Conference at the University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, Iasi, RO

02 - 05.06.2010 (informal presentation/leaflet) LaProf project meeting, Iasi, RO

02 - 05.06.2010 (informal presntation/leaflet)International Conference REALise your potential, Iasi, RO

9-12.06.2010 (formal presentation of EuroED projects)International Conference EDEN (,Valencia, Spain

15 - 19.06.2010 (informal presentation of EuroEd projects)International Conference IAAS - EX_Comeeting,Perugia, IT

06.07.2010 (informal presentation of EuroEd projects) LIS project meeting, Iasi, RO

01 - 05.09.2010 (informal presentation of EuroEd projects)IN-CLASS project meeting, Undine IT

20-21.09.2010 (informal presentation of EuroEd projects)OfficeInterActors final project meeting, Sofia, BG

27 - 29.09.2010 (informal presentation of EuroEd projects)ART common language - 4th project meeting, Iasi RO

27 - 28.09.2010 (informal presentation of EuroEd projects)“Employability and Entrepreneurship” Conference – 2nd Edition Organized by Partnership by UCP/CRP and by FS-BIOTECH Consortium

21 - 22.10.2010 (formal presentation) National Event “Developing work skills and increasing employability” Iasi, RO
22 - 24.10.2010 (formal presntation)11th National RATE Conference - IATEFL Romania 2010 TEACHING RESOURCES IN ELT, Iasi, RO
04 - 05.11.2010 International Conference and Projects exhibition The Future Begins Today, organised by Regional Investment Forum North East Romania
17 - 22.11.2010 (informal presentation) OfficeInterActors (EU project) project meeting, Iasi, RO
24 - 28.11.2010 (informal presentation)ART (Grundtvig EU project) 5th project meeting, Kandira, TR
8 - 11.12.2010 (formal presentation/leaflet)the ISPY - kick-off meeting, Wolverhampton, UK
17 - 18.12.2010 (formal presentation) Bilingual Family (BILFAM) kick off meeting, Rome, IT
05 - 06.01.2011(informal presentation) MyStory (KA3-ICT EU project) - kick-off meeting, Iasi, RO
12 - 15.01.2011 (informal presentation)INTEGRA (GRU EU project)- kick-off meeting,Rotterdam, NL
14 - 17.01.2011 (informal presentation)APLANET (KA2- Languages EU project)- kick-off meeting,Barcelona, ES
19 - 23.01.2011 (informal presentation)ENIL (EU Grundtvig Multilateral Networks project) - kick-off meeting, Marseille, FR
20 - 21.01.2011(informal presentation) UEmploy (EU LdV Multilateral project)- kick-off meeting, Iasi, RO
23 - 25.01.2011 (formal presentation) I'm not scared (EU KA1 Policy Cooperation project) project meeting, Florence, IT
1 - 6.02.2011 (formal presenatation)ART (EU GRU project) - project meeting, Lisbon, Portugal
16 - 19.02.2011 (formal presentation) TOOL TIPLS project meeting Smiltene, LV
28 - 31.03.2011(formal presentation) ESEDI - kickoff meeting, Barcelona, ES
31.03 - 03.04. 2011(formal presentation ) International Event - the 25th edition of the Romanian Tourism Fair – TTR, Bucharest, RO
Ongoing - Dissemination of the project through flyers at the institutional stands, Iasi, RO
03.2011 – ongoing - Dissemination of the TOOL TIPLS project on the EuroEd Foundation Facebook page (!/pages/Funda%C8%9Bia-EuroEd/144558188921731)
8 - 9.04.2011 – ( formal presenation) EAQUALS 2011 International Conference, Prague
7 - 9.04.2011 in the afternoons of these days – Grundtvig IPALE (Innovative practice in Adult Learning Education) project meeting, Prague
14 - 17.04.2011 – Formal presntation,the Inclass (EU LDV project) - project meeting, Szeged, HU
14 - 17.04.2011 – Formal presentation, the Integra (EU Grundtvig project) - project meeting, Lodz
26-28.05.2011 – Formal presentation- The 57th annual scientific symposium organized by University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine "Ion Ionescu de la Brad"University - Faculty of Horticulture, Iasi
2 - 5.06.2011 –Formal presentation, the I am not scared (EU KA1 Policy Cooperation project, Trakai
02-03.6.2011 –Formal presentation, the Tool Tipls project meeting and final conference, Vilnius
06 - 07.06.2011 –formal presentation, the MyStory (KA3-ICT EU project) - project meeting, Helsinki
19-22.06.2011 –formal presntation, the EDEN Annual Conference - Learning and Sustainability, The new Ecosystem of Innovation and Knowledge, Dublin
23.06.2011 – the The Job Fair,held within the project "Training and activities to stimulate the labor market insertion for students and graduates" co-funded by the European Social Fund within the Human Resources Development Operational Programme 2007-2013, Iasi
28-29.06.2011 – formal presentation -the UEmploy (EU LdV Multilateral project, Sofia
06.07.2011 –Project presentation - Flyers- Launch of the project Improve employability (Sectoral Operational Programme for Human Resources Development 2007 - 2013), Iasi
30.09.2011 -Project presentation - Flyers - National Symposium Adult education in economic crisis, Miercurea Ciuc

1.01.2010- 1.05 2010 two articles where the project is presented elaborated and due to be published;

13 national education conferences and 34 project meetings to present/promote the project (uploaded on the site)

Evaluation of the work undertaken:
The sheduled timeline of the Work Package has been respected.

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