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Work in progress

Partners' Institution:
La Sapienza
Project's period (from/to):
01 October 2009 - 31 October 2010
WPs concerned:
WP 3 - Delivery of Courses

Objectives of activities carried out:

•planning 8 lessons with the use of internet tools and practical exercises durin the courses
•implementing the activities with new multimedia and interactive systems to teach languages

Description of activities carried out:
• the lesson were planned in 10 courses, each course is planned to be develop in 2 steps, so we had course 0 and course 0/bis and so on for all the courses planned from course 0 to course 5/bis
• The course started and the list of partecipants were completed, but not all the students participate to the course and to the meeting, because during the end of academic year the teachers are very busy in a lot of overtime activities like afternoon classes and final evaluation and marking.
• The courses were taken as follows:
- course 0 18 may 2010
- course 1 13 september 2010
- course 2 13 october 2010
- course 3 12 gennaio 2011
- course 0 bis 7 january 2011 a.m.
- course 1 bis 7 january 2011 p.m.
- course 2/bis 8 january 2011
- course 3/bis 12 january 2011

• The internet tools was used during the lessons showing to the teachers the differences between e-learning and traditional courses, so that they could be able to use web searching engine and to access to all materials and documents useful for e-learnig process.
• During the lessons were made also a lot of practical exercises using the available internet tools to create hypertexts, to search some internet images, to record some audio files. The participants were stimulated to create a Wiki theme, a detailed explanation of what Wiki is was supplied and they could see a lot of examples directly from the network like the popular Wikipedia and Wiki created from The University La Sapienza about Media Education.
• At the end of the courses the participants were able to create a product corresponding with their initial plain.

e-learning experiences 25
e-learning product 60
All the teachers understands the main topic of the course, they begin to work in group to develop the educational e-learning units for the foreign languages.

Evaluation of the work undertaken:
The interest and the participation are very high, many of them did not have specific skills and knowledges in the e-learning field and they needed always the teacher's help or assistence

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