Partners' Institution:
Project's period (from/to):
01 October 2009 - 31 October 2011
WPs concerned:
WP 7 - Management

Objectives of activities carried out:
1. Organization of the partners' meetings and production of all material for the meeting.
2. Project management
3. Production of Forms and models for the project management to be used by the partners: activity reports and dissemination report.
4. Financial management of the project
5. Transnational co-ordination and supervision.

Description of activities carried out:
Pixel produced all the material for the first, second, third and fourth meeting; Pixel organized and managed the partners’ meeting, in details:
1. The venue of the partner meeting has been prepared
2. An accommodation was given to all the partners attending the meeting.
3. Information were given about the meeting practicalities and the city by preparing a documentation.
4. The meeting folder was developed and the folder was then printed and distributed to the partners.
5. The project presentation was created using MS PowerPoint and was introduced during the meeting.
6. Inside the meeting folder was added a Calendar of Activities, an instrument for all partners to have a complete and resumed view over the activities of the project in all its length.
7. During the days of the meeting the attending partners were invited to the meeting site and to other places. Also social events were organized for the partners: guided tour were organized in the main city places and after dinners were organized for the partners.
8. After the meeting, detailed minutes were prepared about what has been said and decided. A full list of annexes was also produced, some updating the drafts presented during the meeting while others were started from scratch.
9. The minutes and the annexes were then sent to the partners via email and uploaded on the project web site.

Pixel made Transnational co-ordination and supervision of each activity to be carried by the partners, by creating a calendar of activities with established deadlines and mailing lists to manage each time period. Pixel produced and contributed at the production of the form to be used for the project activities and project management. For every activity Pixel sent to the partners the needed material, reminded the deadlines, answered the question over any kind of issue, collected the produced material.

Pixel draw up a contract for each partner giving full details concerning the activities to be carried out, the method and the timing of payments, the duration of the project, the obligations of the partner and all the other elements necessary for the validity of the contract.

1. Partners meeting
2. Meeting Folder and Partner’s book.
3. Project presentation
4. Calendar of Activities
5. Calendar of Deadlines
6. Partners’ role
7. Forms to be used for the dissemination
8. Form to be used for tri-monthly activity reports.
9. Guidelines for writing of Yearly activity reports
10. Organisation and coordination of the work of all partners, reminders of deadlines
11. Contracts for all the partners
12. International Brochure

Evaluation of the work undertaken:
The work carried out so far has been satisfactory.
The reasons that allow a positive evaluation is the result of the questionnaire for the evaluation of the meeting that was filled in by the partners after the meeting itself.
The analysis of questionnaire could measure the satisfaction of all partners for the results achieved during the meeting and for the informal meeting opportunities during the social events.