Partners' Institution:
ISIS Leonardo da Vinci
Project's period (from/to):
01 October 2009 - 31 October 2011
WPs concerned:
WP 3 - Delivery of Courses

Objectives of activities carried out:
Organisation of delivery of Courses, Participation in the virtual meetings
Assisting teachers in the online courses
Collectin/having experiences of distance learning and evaluations of e-learning/teaching websites from participants to be uploaded on the LeTS Go portal
Analysis of the Tools section of the Portal
Developing online materials
Experimenting online materials with students

Description of activities carried out:
The Work Package is divided into 5 sub work packages:
Work Package 3.1,Course 0 “Introduction to e-learning”
Work Package 3.2,Course 1 “Research and Evaluation of e-learning based materials for language teaching and learning”
Work Package 3.3, Course 2 “Effective Use of e-learning based materials for language teaching and learning”
Work Package 3.4, Course 3 “Planning and Creation of e-learning based materials for language teaching and learning”
Work Package 3.5, Practical experimentation with students

WP3.1. Course 0
Presentation of the materials present in the
LetS Go portal, creation of a power point presentation based on the
principles learned.
The teachers were very interested in the subject and
participated actively. They created some effective power point
presentations on various topics, but mostly fairy tales and songs.
Teachers attended the first online meeting – 04/06/2010
Course 0
Introduction to e-learning

Wp3.2 Course 1
Second online meeting – 07/06/2010
Course 1
Research and evaluation of e-learning material
29 June 2010: Course 1 “Research and Evaluation of e-learning based materials for language teaching and learning”.
We reviewed with the participants the contents of course 1, in particular the section Evaluation of e-Learning material in the language learning sector.
We discussed the contents and collected the participants' opinions. Most of them found the content quite interesting but reported some problems with the verify test.
After that we started the research of websites related to language learning. Some participants were already familiar with some websites. Therefore it was a very good opportunity for exchanging useful websites.
The next step involved filling in the form for the evaluation of the websites. All the participants found the form very well done.
Finally some of them uploaded the work done into the forum.
Second teachers online meeting – 01/07/2010
Course 1
Research and evaluation of e-learning material

Wp3.3 Course 2
First online meeting – 14/07/2010
Course 2
Effective use of e-Learning products for Language Learning:
Evaluation of online resources
Creation of a storyboard
The teachers have put into practice what learned in the previous courses. Particularly useful was working on the evaluations of online resources.
The teachers have worked ins mall groups.
We have reviewed together the Course 2, worked on the creation of a storyboard and analysed the tools available
Positive aspects
The teachers have found this course particularly interesting
The teachers have some difficulties in translating their ideas into an online course. They do not understand to the full the difference between an online course or activity and textual materials
"second online meeting, 4/10/ 2010

WP3.4 Course 3
Course 3 focused on the methodologies and techniques necessary for the development of e-learning materials for language learning:
The teachers have viewed the materials available on the project’s portal related to course 3 and found them helpful and interesting

Workshop 23 October 2010
Teaching the basic functions of an e-learning authoring
tool, Exe-learning, a freely available application for creating multimedia content accessible to all.
Activities carried out: The students downloaded the software,practiced using the application's functions and started creating their own e-learning materials.
The teachers were very interested in the subject and participated actively. Most of them had never used an authoring tool and were glad to discover that creating their own materials can be quite easy.
Evalu ation of the work undertaken:
Active participation, curiosity in the authoring tool used during the course

Workshop 6 November 2010
How to design and plan e-learning materials. Creation of a storyboard. Authoring tools.
Workshop 16 November
How to design and plan e-learning materials. Creation of a storyboard.
As the course participants are not familiar with content development, a great emphasis was given to the design and planning of e-learning materials

Workshop 4 December 2010.
Introduction of Exe-learning, an authoring too available online During this workshop the trainees have downloaded the software and its basic functions have been illustrated.
Over an hour has been dedicated to the use of the software
The teachers found this tool very stimulating and easy to use.

Workshop 7 December 2010
Review the basic functions of Exe-learning followed by practical activities.

Workshop 14 December 2010
Creation of an online course divided into various learning objects
They enjoyed working in groups.
The various learning objects deal with places: the town, the zoo, the farm

Workshop 13 January 2011
Creation of the online course.
The learning objects created show a good understanding both of the specific tool and of the potential offered by e-learning in general.
The materials created by the junior school teachers are highly enjoyable and show a good deal of creativity.
The only drawback was due to the fact that the teachers did not participate in the workshops regularly. As a consequence, it was necessary to explain the software’s functions several times wasting precious time for content development
Online meeting: 17/01/2011

Courses 0, 1, 2 and 3 have been delivered and carried out.
During workshops teachers have been collaborative, they have shared opinions and experiences. Continuous assistance have been provided by exchanges of emails and telephone calls.
Thirty-three experiences have been presented and uploaded on the LeTs Go Portal.
Sixty evaluations of websites have been presented and uploaded.
Experimentation of the online materials created by trainees with the students .

Evaluation of the work undertaken:
The recruitment of 30 teachers to be involved in the project has been proved to be quite difficult; many teachers have many school year duties to carry out, some are already involved in other national or international projects. However the teachers that participed in the project have been cooperative, thrustworthy, reliable and motivated. They have interested in the courses and have proved to attend the the project activities.
The collection of ematerials and experiences have been carried out successfully, most the materials examined and experienced by teachers have been proved to be interesting and suitable to be practised with students
Participation in the flashmeeting has been lively and collaborative.
Trainees examined the content of the Lets portal and took advatages of it. They were particularly satisfied with the creation of elearning materials.
Students also appreciated the materials created for them