Partners' Institution:
Project's period (from/to):
30 October 2009 - 31 October 2011
WPs concerned:
WP 4 - Exploitation

Objectives of activities carried out:
-Inclusion of LeTS portal among the internal in service training
sources of at least 5 schools
-involvement of 3 associated partners
-involvement in the project of at least 3 national Public Bodies active
in education
-promotion of 10 links towards LeTS portal

Description of activities carried out:
We have contacted a number of institutions to be involved in the project by mail, phone calls and meetings

We have received letters which confirm the commitment to partipate in the dissemination and exploitation of the project from
-5 national schools (3 Vocational Tuscan Institutes , and 2 elementary and lower secondary schools located in Rome )
-3 associated partners (vocational agencies financed by the Tuscan Region and EU funds).
-4 Public Bodies (the Education Offices of the Province of Florence, the province of Pavia, the Province of Lodi, and the Municipality of Prato.
-9 links made by educational institutions towards the portal.
- the link with detailed information on CIPAT website

Evaluation of the work undertaken:
The institutions we contacted appeared to be very interested in the project, which has made us satisfied with our work.
We feel sure they will maintain their commitments. Furthermore we would like to insist on the role of our teachers to continue the path taken.