Partners' Institution:
Project's period (from/to):
01 March 2010 - 31 October 2011
WPs concerned:
WP 4 - Exploitation

Objectives of activities carried out:
-Inclusion of LeTS portal among the internal in service training sources of at least 5 schools and 3 training centers
-involvement in the project of at least 3 national public bodies
-involvement in the project of at least 3 Associated Partners
-promotion of links to the LeTS portal

Description of activities carried out:
We have contacted a number of institutions to be involved in the project by mail and phone-call.

The training centers have responded immediately by declaring their interest to include and use the resources listed on the Portal Letsgo. By contrast, the first contact with schools has not been very successful because it was at the end of the school year and the principals ask us to come back to them in September with the start of school year.

It has also been successful contact by e-mail to find Associates partners. The entities we contacted have shown an immediate interest in the project.

We also contacted by e-mail different education and training portals, we have sent many emails to get a good response at the end to post the link to the portal Letsgo on their websites.

The promotion of the project through 8 links into different websites to the LeTS portal.

Collection of 3 letters from Associated Partners interested in the project, aims and objectives. Their role in the project include: (1)exchange of experience and expertise during and after the project, (2)Participation in the Dissemination of the project information, (3)contribution to exploitation of the project results.

Collection of 7 inclusion letters from Training Centers where they declare the willingness to use the didactical resources hosted on LeTS Portal

Evaluation of the work undertaken:
We have contacted a large number of entities can be identified as potential end users of the Letsgo course. We believe that many of them use the course and the various e-learning products we have created in this project. The evaluation of this WP, within the limits of reality, is very satisfactory.