Partners' Institution:
Project's period (from/to):
01 October 2009 - 31 October 2011
WPs concerned:
WP 6 - Dissemination

Objectives of activities carried out:
Inform potential users about the project and expected results.

Description of activities carried out:
Following the coordinator´s dissemination plan.
Addressing teacher training associations in order to get their teachers involved in the project.
Promoting the LeTS GO Portal at European meetings and conferences.
Linking to the LeTS GO Portal with every outgoing email from the ICC-the international language association.

Presenting LETS GO at conferences, meetings, on the website, in mails, newsletters, formal and informal disseminations

Information about the project was given at the following events:

14-17.01.2010 ELTACS project conferenece Plzen, CZ
29-30.01.2010 Board meeeting London, GB
05-06.02.2010 Sprachenexpo 2010 Hamburg, DE
18-19.03.2010 ICC Annual Conference Hamburg, DE
18.03.2010 Information about LeTS GO on the ICC website
22.03.2010 Personal contact with schools and there headmasters
05.04.2010 Blurb in Skype with the project link.Project link in
the footer of each email sent.
03-05.05.2010 Languages and Business Düsseldorf, DE PELLIC porject meeting Tübingen, DE
02.07.2010 Transnational meeting Darmstadt, DE
07.07.2010 BAAL conference, King´s College London, UK
22.08.2010 Teacher training Sofia, BG
11.09.2010 100th anniversary of VHS Hamburg-Ost, Germany.
Dissemination, information about the project and
introduction to the LeTS Portal
23.09.2010 ECML presentation of project, Graz, Austria
01.10.2010 Project demonstration on Interactive Whiteboard
Hamburg, DE
09.10.2010 Annual Conference BVV Munich, DE
15-16.10.2010 Board meeting Sofia, BG
24.10.2010 Presentation and information through ICC news updates
and the ICC website
24.10.2010 Posting to EU group on Facebook
28-30.10.2010 Conference at the Universidad Technologica del Centro
de Vera Cruz, MX
01.11.2010 Links on each outgoing email referring to the PIXEL
conference and the LeTS GO website
01-03.12.2010 Online Educa Berlin, DE
04.12.2010 THINK TANK conference in Berlin, DE
01.01.2011 ICC Newsletter
04-05.02.2011 Board meetig Zurich, CH
03.03.2011 Circular email with information about LeTS GO project
30.03.-03.04.2011 Update on the progress of LeTS GO in Valencia,
Spain at project meeting PELLIC
23.05.2011 ICC Newsletter with info about the project
11-12.06.2011 Update on the progress of LeTS GO in Athens, Greece
at ICC Board Meeting and THINK TANK conference
21-22.06.2011 Presentation LeTS GO project at an International
Conference in Podebrady, Czech Republic
27.07.–30.10.2011 Information via Skype user list about LeTS GO at
the PIXEL conference “ICT for Language Learning” in
Florence, Italy (21-22.10.2011)
17-19.09.2011 During the PELLIC THINK TANK conference and partner
project meeting, Christel Schneider presented the LeTS
GO project
30.09.2011 During a project workshop for the project “TELL ME
HOW!”, LeTS GO was introduced to workshop participants
08.10.2010 Annual EUROLTA Conference BVV Nuremberg, DE
20-21.10.2011 Project presentation at PIXEL conference in Florence,
25.10.2011 Mail shot to conference presenters and ICC members to
join the project as associate partners
26-28.10.2011 During the international conference Languages and
Business in Berlin, Germany, Christel Schneider
presented the project and the LeTS GO portal and
training packages and the outcome of the course developed by her trainees

Recruitment of associate partners and links from other websites to the LeTS GO Portal

Evaluation of the work undertaken:
The ongoing dissemination work triggered more and more interest in the portal and encouraged teachers and teacher trainers to have a closer look and use the portal in their organistions.