Partners' Institution:
La Sapienza
Project's period (from/to):
01 October 2010 - 31 October 2011
WPs concerned:
WP 4 - Exploitation

Objectives of activities carried out:
- coordination of activities included in Let's Go project for Sapienza
- illustration of these activities to many schools and training institutions in Rome and near Rome
- illustration of Let's Go project to national and regional associations interested to media education and multimedia didactics
- inclusion of Let's Go project into activities of Mediamonitor Children Observatory of Sapienza University of Rome
- exploitation of the portal with its multimedia materials for laboratories in the Multimedia Education Master

Description of activities carried out:
- the project was included in planning of meetings and training courses realized by Sapienza with schools and training institutes in Lazio region and, in some case, in other regions. The tools of communication used were the direct contact with mail or telephone.
- The project was included in activities and services of the Mediamonitor Children Observatory of Sapienza University of Rome and it was shown as an example of media education application in each meeting of national research with other regional or national institutions (associationor/and business company). It was a good example to combine the know-how of University and the experiences and knowledge of schools
- Multimedia products, realized into the project, was put in multimedia repository of website as example of the production into this project. It was included in the curriculum of the Observatory
- the portal was a good virtual space to know issues about didactics and e-learning and to know examples about this field, especially for Master's students in appropriate laboratories
- 4 schools, 3 association and 1 National public institution shared the Let's Go portal.
- 1 school, 1 National public Institution and 3 association link the Lets Go portal and its website in their websites

- five schools and three training institutes participated to the Let's Go project
- many teachers that couldn't participate directly to the project in face to face meetings, collaborated to e-learning activities of the portal (inclusion of experiences and evaluation of e-learning products)
- many associations visited the Let's Go website and reinforced their intention to collaborate with Sapienza in similar future projects
- the Let's Go project was included in the curriculum of Mediamonitor Children Observatory. In this case, we put the Let'go link in the homepage of the Orbservatory website
- the multimedia products realized by the teachers were put in the multimedia repository in the Observatory website
- the students of the Master had a better knowledge about the application example of media education principles in didactical activities

Evaluation of the work undertaken:
- Let's Go materials and services available were appreciated by students and associations
- the structure of the Let's go website was analyzed by teachers, trainers and other institutions
- Multimedia products were used by any teachers in their didactical activities at school