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Work in progress

Partners' Institution:
La Sapienza
Project's period (from/to):
01 October 2009 - 31 October 2011
WPs concerned:
WP 6 - Dissemination

Objectives of activities carried out:
Inform people and other institutions about the project.

Description of activities carried out:
- 20 March 2010: One lesson, Master Multimedia Education - Rome, Italy - Hold by Pierpaolo De Luca

- 14 APRIL 2010: - Presentation in the "laboratory of analysis of information and journalistic products", Observatory Mediamonitor, College of Communication Science, Sapienza University of Rome - Rome, Italy - Hold by Ida Cortoni

- 14 May 2010: National Meeting "Discovery Video", the event was organized in the context of a national project called "Didattica della comunicazione didattica" - Teramo, Italy - Hold by Pierpaolo De Luca

- 21 May 2010: Training Seminar "Media, society and young people. How we will be tomorrow", it was a dialogue-interview between junior researcher and professor in the university - Rome, Italy - Hold byIda Cortoni

- 24 May 2010: Training Seminar about Social Network and didactical activity for teachers - Rome Italy - Hold from Ida Cortoni e Pierpaolo De Luca

- 14 june 2010: Presentation during the World Summit media for children and youth is the Internationa meeting about media, children, education where participated scolars and researchers and professionals in communication fields. Many scholars put forward their experiences in the communication field to raise our knowledge and practical use of media Number of participants 2000

- 15 july 2010: Presentation of Let's Go project in the Summer school about media education, realized by Sapienza University of Rome and Med (Italian Association for media education). In this occasion, scolasrs, researchers andd teachers put forward their theories, experiments and experiences about media education, so we introduced the main structure about Let's Go Project. Hold from Ida Cortoni

- 19 sept 2010 – The IV number of Informazione, mazine of the Faculty of Communication Sciences edited the article about the Let's Go project. The article described the main features of the project: goals, structure of activities, target involved and so on. Hold from Ida Cortoni e Pierpaolo De Luca

- 20 sept 2010 – In Salerno took place a refresher course for educators and cultural promoters at the MED centre in Campania (Italy) Hold from Ida Cortoni e Pierpaolo De Luca

- 11 oct 2010 Presentation the International project Let's Go in the Consiglio di Facoltà. This is the periodical meeting for all actors in the Faculty of communication Sciences to speack about all projects and activities where the Faculty is involved.

- 12 oct 2010 BOLOGNA Let’s Go project was described during a seminar lesson for teachers, parents and children in the institute of MED in Emilia Romagna Ferrari centre Hold from Ida Cortoni e Pierpaolo De Luca

- 08-12 nov 2010 BUSSOLENGO (Verona) Italy
the Let's Go project was illustrated to 250 teachers, dean of schools, researchers and professors in the University during the training seminar in Bussolengo, organized into the project "Logos- Didattica della Comunicazione Didattica", a National seminar of Ministry of Education to speak about media education end the use of media in didactical activities in the schools.

- 12 nov 2010 ROME
During the nternational conference realized in the Goethe Institute of Rome: "TELEVISIONE. Quale tv per i cittadini di domani" we described the Let's Go Project to public. In that occasion, many multimedia and interactive products are shown to audience, escecially those realized from teachers to students.
Target group: 70 students, teachers, joutnalists, educators

- 09 dec 2010 ROME
Let's go was presented as an example of good practice of educational training during the business meeting organized by the ministry of education concerning strategies for introducing the digital technologies in the didactical context.
Target group: 20 educational policy employers

- 15 dec 2010 - 15 January 2011 ROME
The seminar is the first meeting (4 hours)of course for teachers about didactic and orientation with new technological tools. In this occasion, all experiences of media education and media literacy of the Faculty of Communication Sciences are described.
Target group: 50 tearchers

- 14 Jan 2011 - 15 Jan 2011 AOSTA Italy
the Let's Go project was presented during a business meeting as an example of good practice on media
education in the school especially for teachers of foreign languages.
Target group:7 researchers, professors

- 18 Jan 2011 - 18 Jan 2011 ROME
The contest was a training seminar for teacher of primary and secondary schools in Rome. The topic of the meeting was the orientation in didactical activities through the use of digital languages. In this occasion we showed the digital media realized in the Let's Go project as example of media application in educational context.
Target group: 60 teachers

- 10 feb 2011 - 10 feb 2011 BARI Italy
During a workshop with other experts in childhood and media education in the contest of the project called “12X21” we spoke also on media education and we presented the main projects realized of our Faculty in this field. so we spoke about Let's Go Project.
Target group: 30 students, educators, researchers, scholars

- 24 feb 2011 - 24 feb 2011 ROME
The event was the orientation meeting of the fourth edition of Multimedia education master of the Department in Communication and Social Research. In this occasion, we presented main activities in media education field, as Let's Go.
Target group: 16 students

- 31 mar 2011 - 31 mar 2011 ROME
During the first lesson in the University course 'sociology of the cultural and social processes' in the Facolty of political Sciences, Sociology and Communication. it was the basic course about key concepts of the culture, giving particular attention to creation processes of the text by people.
Target group: 100 students

- 05 apr 2011 - 05 apr 2011 FLORENCE Italy
The event was a regional training meeting about an educational project called “Logos - Didattica della Comunicazione didattica” it was an occasion to debate about the relationship between the University and school to create tools of analysis and evaluation of media education in different educational contexts. In this case, Let's go was presented as an example of use of media to develop differnt key competences in teachers
Target group:80 teachers, politicians

- 13 apr 2011 - 13 apr 2011 TERAMO Italy
The conference called "media and children" was oriented to main tv effects (positive and negative) for children. During the conference, there were presented multimedia products for children.
Target group: 50 students, journalists, researchers

-12 May 2011 Rome Italy
The training seminar was a wider meeting about the education issue in the social and cultural context
Target group: 30 scholars, researchers and students

- 26 May 2011 Rome, Italy
The training seminar is realized in Nino Rota school (it is a primary and secondary institute)while the conclusion of the training seminar about the booktrailer for education
Target group: 70 teachers

- 16 and 17 June 2011 Florence, Italy
Transnational Meeting is the International Conference about educational and ICT issues for educators, scholars, teachers, students. In this conference, there were many workshops oriented to specific topics and many educational projects and products were illustrated. Let's Go project was shown in one session as best practise of digital competence in the European context.
Target group: 100 teachers, scholars, educators and students

- 23 June 2011 Rome, Italy
in the Save the Children office there was a business meeting about the Safer Internet Day issue. In this occasion all experiences on Media literacy for schools were illustrated to create a National map of roject and iniciatives about these theme. Also Let's Go was illustrated in this occasion
Target group: 54 educators, researchers, business men

- 28 Sept 2011 Rome, Italy
Training Seminar in Multimedia Education Master in the Sapienza University of Rome
Target group: 10 students

- 20 Oct 2011 Verona, Italy
a business meeting with a president of regional Foundation of Liceo Maffeo to describe the project and the portal for teachers of a network of schools in Veneto to improve didactical strategies for English teaching.
Target group: 1

Dissemination activities stimulated enough interest about the project.

Evaluation of the work undertaken:
Every presentation of the project was appreciated from all the participants. The teachers, the students and the researcher that usually assisted the presentation abou the Let's Go project, found very interesting the project's pourposes. Some of them expressed the intention to share with sombody else what they learned during the presentation.

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