Name of the person involved in the event:
Christel Schneider, Jana Cepickova, Boian Savtchev, Robert Williams
Date of the event:
17 September 2011 - 19 September 2011
Type of Dissemination event:
National Meeting
Description of Dissemination Event:
Presentation of Project at the THINK TANK conference. Update to PELLIC project partners about the progress.
Target group:
Teachers,Headteachers, directors, rectors, language teachers, employers, trainers, education manager
Number of people reached by event:
Held in:
Plzen, Czech Republic
Outcomes and Results:
Teachers and university lecturers are one of the target groups of the project are therefore a good target group for dissemination and exploitation.
Public authorities have an important role for the exploitation of the LeTS Portal
Supporting Documents: